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The Holidays

2008-11-16 05:45:17 by Killa117

Due to the crazy things happening I am going to am postponing most flashes, but the holidays are coming soon so I should pump out a few new things. Thanx everyone Killa117


2008-09-24 23:20:28 by Killa117

Hi guys i am in production of my newest flash coming to you guys very soon that's if everything goes to plan. Well the flash is based off the saw movies but this will be my attempt at recreating the terror of the films so keep checking mates - Killa117

More crazy flashes are coming

2008-07-10 08:56:52 by Killa117

Hay guys just letting u know that there are more crazy flashes are coming. and i like to thank everyone who comments i really enjoy reading ur comments. thanx - Killa117

I maybe making Line Master 2, I need your help

2008-06-20 19:46:15 by Killa117

If you have a suggestion for the next installment then make a comment and tell me wat you want in it

Line Master V2

2008-06-20 01:12:04 by Killa117

After getting feedback from reviews the next day I fixed the issues and fixed it up to make it better. So V2 is released so i hope you enjoy it better that the first one. - Killa117

Line Master

2008-06-18 08:24:08 by Killa117

I Just released my new flash game called Line Master so check it out

New flashes are in the pipeline

2008-04-24 09:11:13 by Killa117

I am making more flashes and they are coming soon so keep checking