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I maybe making Line Master 2, I need your help

2008-06-20 19:46:15 by Killa117

If you have a suggestion for the next installment then make a comment and tell me wat you want in it


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2008-06-22 18:16:47

hehe guess i werent very accurate but i ment in suicide mode and that 8 shape and when i got upper part and down right triangle and then i press down left it doesnt move but dont lose any lifes either and if i press in any other direction does lose life. tho it prolly was pretty close to end so i prolly dont check it again ^^.
and dunno what to say bout LM2 cos i dont most likely play it if it's memory game (not rly my type game except that i was super tired when i played it so i wanted to play kinda no brainer game and not puzzle/strategy/tactic/logic etc game like i normally do)
and also didnt give u 0 /no stars cos it was piece of crap like u prolly already know guess i'll say 4 tho liked music but in menu since its quite heard already so i'll give 4.5 now that i can mwuhahahaa hmmn lol ok good night, morning or day now.

(Updated ) Killa117 responds:

well thanx anyway thats why it says maybe if people say forget it, I will, the concept is kinda gay but it my first game i actully made so what do you think for a first try. and i did check the bug u found i didn't find anything wrong with it. Thanx for the comment mate. keep it coming - Killa117